3 Great Things To Do On A Business Trip To Munich Before And After Work

It must be very interesting to bounce between such different cultures. I had a Spanish friend with whom I went to school here in Munich and his lack of punctuality really drove our instructors crazy. I swear that cashiers in Germany are training for the Olympics. As a Canadian, it’s in my DNA to fill every void of silence with meaningless talk. “It’s a windy day, isn’t it?” I mutter often, longing for that sweet human connection as I do. It works as an incentive for you to return those items to get your money back.

If you don’t know much about the actual Oktoberfest festival, check out our Oktoberfest guide. Food in Germany can be cheap or expensive, depending on what you order. If you want to save money, you can eat at a fast food restaurant, your meal will probably be less than 10 EUR. However, if you go to a restaurant sitting down, you can spend more than 30 EUR per person.

Let’s also say that you are at a German Christmas market for the first time and want to get a nice mulled wine for 3 euros. You can initially pay 5 euros, because of the 2 euros pfand in the cup. The most demanding places even give you a token to return along with your glassware to restore your refund. However, it’s fair: after all, remember that you’re in a foreign country, so you shouldn’t expect people to automatically speak your language. In many parts of Germany, Sunday is a day off, which means that most shops (supermarkets, shops, shopping malls, etc.) are closed. Many restaurants remain open, but if you’re hoping to run errands or shop, schedule closures on Sundays.

Have Google Translate ready or get ready to order something mysterious. The only thing you can count on in Germany to be open on Sundays are museums. All rooms are closed on Mondays, but open on Sundays. viaggi oktoberfest Don’t even plan to eat out that day, except in a tourist restaurant. If you’re using Air Bnb, know that your place will be modified and will take some time to get in and out of the damn garage.

Germany has strict rules for office hours and most shops are closed on Sundays. For locals, Sunday is a day to rest or to spend time with friends and family. These places are also open later in the evening during the week, when other shops have to close at 8 pm. Some bakeries and gift shops in the museum are also open on Sundays. While many places in Munich accept cards, smaller shops, market stalls and local food shops, such as bakeries and butchers, still run on cash.