4 Natural Remedies To Prevent Gum Recession And Dental Breakdown

By removing plaque and altering bacteria that colonize teeth and gums, the main cause of gum disease is eliminated. Bacteria reproduce quickly in the mouth, so it is important to constantly clean in the morning and evening. Regularly Zahnarzt Bern viewing your dentist will keep you informed of your oral condition, which is necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During the session, the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and detect any diseases.

Professional treatment by dentists is essential to control gum disease and treat infections. But there are natural remedies for gum and loose dental disease that you can add to your overall strategy. Like any disease, the faster you act with the first tricky signs, the more likely you are to keep your teeth healthy. A remineralizing toothpaste can play a crucial role in building the enamel of a tooth. The best toothpaste to restore enamel is one that contains sodium fluoride, tin fluoride and calcium phosphate.

Enriching teeth with vital minerals is known as remineralization. Therefore, eat mineral-rich foods to strengthen your naturally weakened enamel. A healthy and balanced low-sugar diet is essential for strong teeth and gums. Sugar food and drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks, sweets and fries cause bad oral bacteria to thrive and produce enamel-destroying acids.

The American Dental Association calls fluoride “natural cavity hunter” because it strengthens its enamel and helps restore the early stages of dental caries. Fluoride also makes your teeth more resistant to acids from food and bacteria in the mouth. In addition to using good dental hygiene practices, you can maintain your oral health by following a diet rich in calcium and low in sugary foods and drinks. According to the American centers for disease control and prevention. In the US, dental caries and gum disease are closely linked.

Choosing good food for teeth and enamel every day can help limit your chances of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Knowing which foods can best strengthen teeth can make it easier to shop for groceries and select healthy snacks for your family. While water is not food, it is too important to put aside this list of foods that are good for your teeth. The water washes food waste and bacteria from your mouth before they can cause tooth decay.