5 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Social Presence

Typically, small and medium-sized businesses have limited advertising budgets. Therefore, many entrepreneurs try to explore social networks and use them as a marketing tool. The most popular social networking sites are intuitive and easy to navigate, so they’re easy to use for likes, content and image sharing, adding friends, and acquiring subscribers. However, in order to reach the heights of well-researched company profiles, their social media presence must be well and carefully monitored. Trying to do this, some of them make mistakes that can spoil any social profile and make it useless for business and marketing. This article explains some of the most common mistakes that small and medium-sized business owners should avoid.

Go into the unknown. The first and most common mistake is to study social networks without preparation, planning or at least some fundamental research. Most entrepreneurs have experience in their field. On the other hand, social networks, which they would like to use as a marketing tool, should not be seen as just a place for likes, reposts and discussions. Twitter, G and Facebook can be part of your business strategy to attract more customers. Start posting great content, cool photos of your work, fill out a biography, enter the right address, etc.

  1. Where is my pass? After the launch, some business owners simply leave their social media profile. They simply don’t open them and regularly update them, at least with content, new photos or videos. Your new subscribers or customers will soon be back if you don’t answer their questions or communicate on social media. You should check your account at least 2-3 times a week and, if possible, every day. It only takes you 10-15 minutes.
  1. Spam! The network environment is full of many spam methods that can easily attract any inexperienced Internet user seeking to increase their online presence. These spam methods easily lure business owners, promising them quick and fantastic results. Using a spam protection method can produce stunning results within a week. However, soon after, search engine spiders will detect and punish the source of spam for quite some time. Stick to the most conservative and legitimate ways to promote your social presence. For example, send your Twitter account to approved folders.
  2. Too many profiles. Supporting multiple profiles takes time and resources. Being “everywhere on the net” is really tempting, but it is simply difficult to achieve such a goal. Once you’ve started, your social media profiles should be maintained and updated regularly. Check your sources very carefully and think about how much time you can devote to them. You can also create a YouTube video and upload short videos about your work. The quality of the camera of any smartphone should be good enough to create a viral video.

Lack of publicity. Once you’ve been properly developed and updated regularly, your social media profiles should start to be interesting. However, this is enough to begin with. Some business owners won’t pay for online advertising if in fact it’s a good investment. A well-targeted AdWords campaign will bring you every dollar invested.

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