Aston Martin Increases Social Presence With Online Video Campaign

Aston Martin – the last luxury car manufacturer to launch an online video campaign; Aston’s Cinema zuest is promoting its new exclusive four-door Sports Car Rapide.

A series of short films tells the story of a group of “time carriers” who go on an adventure to spend “time” with a mysterious character. According to the luxury brand, the films “are based on one of life’s dilemmas: the more successful you are, the less time you have to share it with the people who matter.”

The first episode, titled “True Power,” is available to view online, with the following parts available for viewing on January 19 and 26.

Director Donnie Masters of Serious Pictures said; “We wanted to offer sophisticated but intellectual branded entertainment; something that reflects the thrill of driving. This is an eventful three-part Aston Martin story designed to entertain the public. Re-representation is, after all, a powerful car of a thinking person. . “

The videos are part of a social media campaign launched by Aston Martin and advertising agency R/GA London to expand the brand’s social media presence and reach a wider global customer base. Exclusive content will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, and information about a number of competitions will be available on the Aston Martin website. Exclusive names such as Bang and Olufsen and Jaeger LeCoultre have joined Aston Martin to participate in the campaign.

However, poorly designed and misinterpreted videos have been criticized for devaluing the luxury brand, and comparisons with the very successful BMW 2001/02 shorts have not gone unnoticed.

Created by famous Hollywood directors such as Guy Ritchie and the famous actor Clive Owen in the title role, the BMW series “Rent” has been viewed more than 100 million times. Audi also directed a series of six short films to promote the Audi A1, a series called “The Next Big Thing” with Justin Timberlake, the brand’s ambassador.

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