Document Sharing Boosts Social Presence

As a post becomes social, with Facebook and Twitter users sharing viral data 24/7, those who want attention should be aware of their ability to share documents. Whether your goal is to publish official documents related to your business, or sell a cookbook of family recipes, or even share newsletters from your nonprofit, your social media engagement and social media sharing can increase the visibility of your business and increase sales and/or donations. .

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular document-sharing sites and how their features can help you.

Smashwords – In just a few years, Smashwords has become a force in the field of electronic publishing. In collaboration with leading retailers Barnes and Noble and, and this site has published almost half a billion words, this site offers writers an interesting opportunity to showcase their work to readers. Account holders (registration is free) can offer work for free or for a fee, while Smashwords receives a small percentage of the discount – authors receive 85% of net sales, that is, a reward compared to the traditional publisher reward. Membership in their premium program depends on their compliance with publishing rules.

Scribd – Launched in 2007, Scribd has more than 10 million documents published by aspiring users, experienced authors and large companies such as O’Reilly Media and Ford Motor Company. The Scribd account allows you to download documents (PDF presentations, MS Word and Power Point documents) for free distribution or resale. Once downloaded, Scribd tools allow you to embed documents into websites (also available branded readers) or share them over social media. There is no charge for the use of the service, both for free and paid downloads.

Wattpad – Wattpad is positioning itself as the most popular e-book community with a focus on fiction and poetry, although it leaves room for academic work. With a free account, you can download text files in ePub format. There are currently no paid models available, although Wattpad offers this option in partnership with an on-demand print service provider Wattpad also offers a mobile version of its site with an iPhone app.

Docstoc – Also founded in 2007, DocStoc offers users the ability to deliver free and paid content in addition to integrating your Google AdSense information into your account. The more you download to DocStoc, the more likely you are to earn a commission through AdSense. DocStoc mainly specializes in professional and non-fiction documents, novels and models, and PowerPoints can also be found here. For companies, DocStoc offers an affiliate program for publishers to increase your brand awareness and allow you to place products on other sites.

Issuu is a digital publishing house that attracts 6 million visitors a month with 500 million unique copies. The principle is the same as on previous sites, and Issuu lists Penguin Group, Google and Random House among its content providers. There are two levels of subscription: a free account to share free documents and a Pro plan for $19 a month that allows accounts to sell books and other files. The Android app is available with the expected iPhone/iTouch app available, and companies interested in branding and personalization can use Isuu development tools.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to continue posting on social media through sites with documents, such as these:
1) It’s important to make sure that your work is edited and refined before publication, because the files you represent represent your business and/or business; And
2) Distribute only those works to which the rights belong to you. While sites such as Scribd, Wattpad and others offer excellent opportunities for sharing files and communicating on social media, people often use them for illegal book sharing or hacking.

Do you have emails relevant to your business? Whether you have one or a hundred pages, you can increase awareness and brand through social networking sites.

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