How To Win The Auction

Don’t be the one to play all the tricks just to save a dime or two. After all, you need to think carefully about how the bidding process works from the point of view of bidders. With the go-to-live event feature, you can start your silent online auction to bid before the event and easily navigate to bid papers at a live event. Once all bids are completed, you canenter the final sales information in the online auction. For more information, see the Live Event section on the pricing page.

As with determining the right FMV and starting price, the minimum amounts for sourcing your items play an important role in determining how much revenue you can ultimately generate. I went to auctions, where they tried to show such jewelry to the guests who were sitting during the live auction. I do not recommend silent auction ideas this because it takes too long to show a small item to all your guests. If you have exhibited this larger-than-life piece of jewelry, everyone can see it. If the silent auction has come to an end, and some items have not yet received bids, under no circumstances should you lower the item prices.

By streaming your virtual event, presenters can see you in real life, which is a great way to connect with donors. To make it more fun and engaging, you can ask the winners to post selfies to celebrate their victories and show off party outfits, cocktail recipes and drinks at home. You can then view these posts in live streaming or in email and social media messages after the auction. Two great values for online auctions are the highest bid and Buy now.

An hour of bad auction can appear forever – and only 10 items can get through without a direct order. While a watch with an experienced charity auctioneer will energize your guests, you will bid for at least 20 items plus a paddle lift. To set up an online event page, you need help from the auction software. Auctions with the transition to the live event function will send notifications to leading bidders when the online part of the silent auction ends.

This increase overpays the transaction fees, allows winning bidders to conveniently use their preferred payment method and simplifies the management of their auction. We only support the connection of Paypaland ticker accounts for auctions to collect online payments and/or donations. Both are safe and reliable and facilitate the payment process for both participants and auction administrators. We do not support Authorize.net or another merchant account, nor are we able to accept payments on your behalf and then send you money.

The maximum bid allows the bidder to set a “must not exceed” amount and allow the system to bid on his behalf. If someone offers a higher amount, the system checks the maximum. In the case of one, the system sets the higher amount and sells the item for more money. At a personal ceremony, it is understood that after the event, the winners will go to the exit table to pick up their things. However, if you are holding an online auction, bidders are likely to have questions about securing your goods or the logistics of shipping. They usually have a few live auction items and a more detailed silent auction.