Permanent Make-up Instructions Before And After Care

Bruises are rare, but again, if someone uses blood thinners, bruises can occur. It is most commonly seen that the eyebrows rarely cause bruising; A small bruise is possible during eyeliner procedures if the skin being tattooed is very thin and close to the vascular system. This also applies to lip procedures in case the client is more mature. If bruises occur, it is generally less and will decrease within a few days. The color is much darker than expected for the first six to ten days. Whether you want to improve your eyebrows, make a permanent lining or tattoo the full lips, an experienced permanent make-up artist is waiting for you at Skin and Tonique.

And of course, if you’re tired of your design, you can always fix your old-fashioned nails! A permanent make-up artist first marks where you want to place the tattooed pigment and then applies it with a small, light machine that is less powerful than a traditional machine. At first they look a bit red, but after healing they look natural.

One of the most common side effects of this treatment is that it can make the eyelids warm and slightly tender. Therefore, our best semi-permanent eyeliner aftercare advice is to apply a cold compress to the eyes, such as a gel mask that can be placed microblading brows in the refrigerator. This helps reduce swelling, redness or heat that causes discomfort, and we recommend that you clean the mask after each use. If you put it back in the fridge, put it in a box or bag to avoid contact with anything else.

We also recommend staying out of the pools and saunas, so check in on that spa day. But don’t worry, tight line applications take three to seven days to heal, while thicker eyeliner tattoos can last up to ten or twelve days. The artist then applies a local anesthetic cream and waits for it to be activated. Due to the way in which the permanent eyeliner is performed with one eye at a time, the application of a narcotic to the unoccupied eye will take place regularly during the permanent make-up procedure. As with normal tattoos, it will be quite difficult to remove permanent makeup, and it is usually done through beauty procedures as hard as laser revival, dermabrasion or even surgical removal. In fact, the madness for cosmetic tattoos is at its highest point today.

As a precaution, each lip blush tattoo client is required to obtain and take antiviral medications for 5 days (2 days before the procedure, the day and 2 days after the procedure). Fill in your antiviral medications to avoid a blister on the lips after your appointment. As with other permanent makeup procedures, our permanent makeup artist will send you the list of contraindications a few days before your appointment and assess them when you arrive.

As examples; A lash improvement will respond very little to the tattoo procedure compared to a more moderate response when performing a wide eyeliner. A mixed lip liner or lip liner shows fewer effects of the procedure than a full lip color. Some people also swell more due to minor skin violations than others. Many people take blood thinners daily, so light bleeding is expected.

PMU creates a skin wound, so you should treat it like a wound and keep it clean and avoid excessive stress in the healing area. During the permanent lip procedure, we use acupuncture needles, as well as the same anesthetic we use for the permanent eyebrows. In this way we create the perfect contour and we apply the pigment evenly to the lips. If you lose the lip contour or want a more pronounced cupid arc, we need to recreate it during the drawing process.