The 10 Best Things To Do In Hurghada ?? Travel Guide 2020

Beach restaurants in Hurghada serve some of the tastiest and most refreshing cocktails. Caribbean Beach Bar is one of those best bars that serves refreshing cocktails when you relax on the beach. In addition, live music, parties and events are organized to make tourists even more pleasant. Hurghada’s best restaurants serve delicious fish soup and fish dishes. Some restaurants also let visitors choose their favorite fish to serve them the special fish dish. The Red Sea is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling.

One of the essential parts of a real and authentic experience is the historic Al-Muzstraat. If you are looking for an unforgettable but valuable holiday in Egypt, you will need to take an exceptional cruise on the Nile. Choose and choose one of our Nile Cruises and cross the pristine and pristine waters of the Nile. Not only do you travel through the Nile surrounded by beauty, but you can also explore the history of the pharaohs, making it one of the most pleasant journeys in Egypt. Another not to be missed part of our tours of Egypt are the beaches, with numerous coastal towns and beach places such as Sharm-el-sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab and much more.

The journey from Hurghada started at 3am, but was quite comfortable on a 20-seat bus. The great morning view of the Gulf of Suez helped pass the time and a service Orange Bay in Hurghada top that was surprisingly similar to what we are used to on the M4 in the UK! We arrived in Cairo around 9am, most people on the bus had slept at least a little.

Each show tells the life of ancient Egypt and its pharaohs, the tribal history of the Bedouins and other customs and traditions of the many regions of Egypt. The shows are located in the largest theater in the area, with a capacity of 2,500 seats. Other highlights include traditional Egyptian architecture, including a large fountain and a tanoura performance, an Egyptian folk dance on Sufifestivals.

If you’re lucky, you may even see free dolphins frolicking in the waves. The trip also includes a longer stopover on Giftun Island, as well as a delicious lunch aboard the ship. It is truly an excellent and inexpensive day trip that is incredibly popular.

Once a small fishing village, Hurghada has become Egypt’s most visited destination. Although it is next to the clear blue water that attracts many visitors to the area, the Abdel-Moneim Riad Mosque stands alone – offering visitors the opportunity to connect with the daily life and culture of the coastal city. The complex design of the mosque’s classic Islamic architecture – combined with its scenic location in the area between the main street and the ocean – makes this a unique mosque to visit. Minarets can be seen from long distances and the call to prayer can be heard from the walls. The domes, arches and corridors are detailed in delicate sizes. Local citizens can often be seen on their way to the mosque and most visit on Friday to pray.