The Complete Guide To Us Security Guard Licensing Requirements United States

When hiring from a security company, you must meet the remaining training requirements within the stipulated period. Many security officers often do not know what to include in their security guard’s resume. To facilitate your application process, we have Centinel Security some tips to include in the document. Security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of a company or other property. As a security guard, your future employers will put a lot of trust in you and want to be clear about the employee they hire.

To work as an unarmed security guard in Kansas, you must have a security license operated by the prosecution service. To start the licensing process, you must complete a 32-hour security officer training program approved by the state of Kansas. Upon completion of this course, you are eligible for the license by submitting an application to the Kansas State Attorney General’s Office. Your request will be assessed after submitting a request, documentation and costs required. If approved, a license will be rewarded and you can now look for work as a professional security guard within the state. By successfully completing this program, you do not need to register or obtain certification; however, if you want to become an armed guard, you must undergo specialized training, apply and register with the state.

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To apply for this license, you must send the Private Security Guard License Application, the application fee and a fingerprint card directly to the company you want to work for. It is the responsibility of the company to present this information to the state. While you do not need a permit to work as an unarmed security guard within the state of Virginia, you must register with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice.

Once a vulnerability has been rewarded, you must renew this license every two years. In the state of North Dakota, you do not need to have a personal security license if you work for a security company that has a current license. While you may not need a personal license, many security companies in this state require specific levels of training and experience to find work.

After receiving your registration card, you must follow another 16 hours of on-the-job training within 90 days of your employment. Finally, you must take at least 8 hours of continuing education courses each year to keep your registration card. When your guards have the task of providing services while carrying a firearm, they are expected to have the highest level of competition.